Rebekah Sadzinski

Children's Ministry Coordinator

As a child, Rebekah learned about Christ’s love from her mother. At a young age she accepted Jesus as her savior, and then fully as Lord in her early twenties.  In 2006 Rebekah married Mike Sadzinski and together they have four children.  After spending some time in Massachusetts as missionaries the Lord called them to Calvary Chapel Aiken in 2020.  Rebekah serves in every part of children’s ministry and also has served with the greet team and in hospitality.   Her greatest desire is to one day stand before her Lord and Savior, Jesus, and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant...”.  

Favorite Bible Verse:

Rebekah has many favorite Bible verses but one of them is Psalm 138:8. She loves this
 verse because it reminds her that it’s the Lord who will work out all the details of her life.
 Her only job is to stay close to Him.


Rebekah loves the beach and the mountains. She enjoys going for walks, light hikes,
and just being out in nature with her family.