Jim Bigl

Senior Pastor & Elder

Jim came to faith as a young boy in the Episcopal Church. As he grew, he wandered away from the Lord as he pursued a successful career in industry and academically. In his early 40’s, the Lord led him into a variety of lay ministry roles, Calvary Bible Training, and finally on staff at Calvary Chapel Lynchburg, VA. Jim and Jennifer were high school sweethearts and have been married for nearly 40 years. They have 6 children and 5 grands. They lived on a couple of different sailboats for a number of years and then a working farm with cattle, horses, and chickens.

Jim’s favorite passage is whatever he is studying at the moment. His passion for the Lord is infectious and his heart for our prodigals and the lost is unyielding. Best counsel about being a pastor Jim ever received was “if you can do anything else, do it”! And look where he is. :-)