Dr. Greg & Tammie Esselman

Middle School Leaders

Greg's bio:
Dr Esselman is an surgeon of the sinuses, head and neck, born 5th in a Catholic family of German and Italian descent in Cincinnati in 1965.  Marriage to Tammie, (see below) happened during med school in St Louis in 1990.  Conversion to born-again Christianity happened for both during a time of spiritual drought in Northern California in 2004, in the midst of raising 3 kids and juggling jobs.  Together, they have discovered the rigor and richness of the scriptures, and are particularly engrossed in the Jewish heritage of the faith, embedded in the old and new testaments.  They love agriculture and regenerative farming and are working on cultivating as much healthy food as possible on a residential lot. Greg loves guitar music, history, philosophy, comedy, theater, fitness, and eating great food.

Tammie's bio
Tammie was also born 5th to a Catholic family of Hungarian-English descent in Grand Island NY, 1967.  She was a high school breast-stroke swimming star, and met Greg while studying biochemistry and training for a triathlon at Purdue University.  She completed medical school with Greg in 1993 and became a Pediatrician.  Tammie was first to realize the futility of the failing Catholic diocese they were attending in Mendocino County, and opened the door to attending a Bible church in 2003.  Since then, studying the Bible as partners has become a daily adventure, just like getting through med school together.  Tammie's special interests are, of course, the spiritual and physical health of her adult children, gardening, cooking, and pure natural nutrition as God intended.